Patanjali Nutty Biscuits


Patanjali Nutty Biscuits are prepared cent percent of Wheat flour, With no Farnia (Maida) content with no trisphate and cholesterol and contents, to the guests.

If it is given to the children, It suplements and water contents in the body.

It also adds to the energy level to the body. It is easily digestive even for children and beneficial in constipation and stomach diseases.

Product Type:-Biscuits

Ingredients for Patanjali Coconut Biscuit:Whole Wheat flour, Vegetable Oils, Honey, Milk & Milk products, Salt, Raising Agents ,Flour treatment agent ,Permitted Emulsifiersa and natural essential Oils.

Ingredients for Patanjali Nutty Delite Biscuit:Whole Wheat Flour, Edible Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Nuts, Milk and Milk Product, Honey, Liquid Glucose, Salt, Raising Agent, Antoxidants, Premmited Emulsifier, Flour Treatnemt Agent.

Dosage:- As per your taste

Qty/Weight:- 100gm

Benefits in:-

Precaution As Directed by Physician


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