Sr.No.Product NamePriceBenefitsMore Details1ABHAYARISHTA- 450ML60Effective in Piles,Constipation etc.More Details

2 ARJUNARISHTA- 450ML 65 Effective in heart diseases,Heartache,Blood pressure. More Details
3 ARVINDASAVA – 225ML 45 Effective in all disorders related to the growth of children. More Details
4 ASHOKARISHTA – 450ML 60 Effective in all disorders related to Menstruation and Weakness, Nervousness. More Details
5 ASHWAGANDHARISTA – 450ML 65 Effective in Stress,Depression, Weakness, General weakness. More Details
6 DASHMULARISHT-450ML 85 Useful in Uterine diseses,General debility etc More Details
7 KHADIRARISHTA- 450ML 60 Effcetive in spots on face, Pimples and all kinds of blood-related disorders. More Details
8 KUMARYASAVA- 450ML 60 Effective in Liver-related and Abdominal problems. More Details
9 KUTAJARISHTA- 450ML 65 Effective in Dysentry, Sprue and Diarrhoea. More Details
10 Mahamanjishthadi KW. PRA.- 450ML 50 Useful in all types of Skin diseases. More Details
11 Patrangasava- 450ML 70 Useful in Leucorrhea,Painful Menstruation, Back pain etc. More Details
12 PUNARNAVARISHTA- 450ML 50 Useful in Anemia, Oedema & other Liver problems. More Details
13 Saraswatarishta- 450ML 70 Useful in Loss of Memory & Mental disorders. More Details
14 USIRASAVA- 450ML 50 Useful in Urinary tract Infection, Heamaturia,Burning Micturtion etc. More Details
15 VIDANGASAVA- 450ML 50 Useful in all types of Worm Infestations. More Details
15 PRADARSHUDHA (Leucorrhea) SYRUP 200 ML 75 Useful in Leucorrhea. More Details
16 PRADARSHUDHA(MENORHAGIA)- 200 ML 80 Useful in Menorrhagia. More Details
17 PATANJALI LIV D-38 SYRUP 200ML 75 Useful in fatty liver, Hepatitis, Loss of appetite, Anemia.
18 TULSI PANCHANG JUICE 500 ML 90 Helps in preventing Cancer, Migraine and Asthma, Cold & Cough etc. More Details
19 LOHASAV -450ML 50 Useful in Anemia,Loss of Appetite, Constipation, Stomach diseases. More Details